BE the Collective.

Welcome to the Small Business Collective

An entrepreneur may have few monetary resources when it comes to starting a new business. Don’t let currency become a deterrent. In reality an entrepreneur is rich in resources by nature.

A small business owner has more to offer than just an idea – they each have a unique and valuable skillset . Administrative, accounting, data analysis, marketing, branding, networking and soft skills are powerful resources. Use these to build your business by trading them for what you need. The Small Business Collective fills the gap that is very real.

Leverage your skills.

Grow your vision.

Meet with the others to find what you need to launch or grow your business.

Find other professionals who need your expertise.

Leverage your resources.

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What to Expect?

A collective of likeminded individuals. The collective meets monthly. Bring a business or contact card or blank sheet of paper to represent yourself/your business for reference. Think of what your business needs to outsource. Bring your notepad and pen/device. Bring your expertise and that resourceful attitude to build together.

Next Collective Meet


Sunday January 29 2023

A meeting of the minds to find actionable solutions to solve challenges or grow our entrepreneurial ventures, come together on potential projects, build connections or just learn.

Followed by open shoot and play time to let the creative juices flow.

Ambry Interiors Inc.
395 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1C4


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coworking: Shridhar Gupta
light: Rohan Makhecha
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