Finally a perfect little cafe quiet, delicious, close and open LATE enough that I can work away and blog here at all times! I’m also a sucker for covered outdoor seating, not to say the inside is not the coziest (and cleanest) space. Wooden tabletops with cast-iron legs and galvanized bar stools for seating along the windows are so perfect for typing or people watching.

Barely a few month after opening, the cafe seems to already have an established flow of regular traffic. One of the Saturdays that I sat working in the corner, the majority walking through the door vivaciously greeted in Italian.

On almost every visit, Maria (one of the co owners of Bibo Pizzeria) would come by my table and check to see how everything was tasting. The owners explained how they began during the pandemic as online only (handmade pasta and foods to order for clients to enjoy at home), and how the idea just flourished, and eventually became this little takeaway joint, with a cafe space for enjoying here. With her own extensive experience armed with two seasoned chefs, Alex and Simone, it seems that this trio has already won over the heart of Kitsilano. Talks of working towards a liquor license, extended patio, and Gelato (for the summer!!!) are making me giddy.

bizarre yet intriguing mural


The vibe – I cant even. Pandemic restrictions have only made this place even cuter, conjuring up windowpane-like dividers on the original patio. Striped umbrellas cover the new second patio. Their spacing phrase is “stay four baguettes apart”. Oh my gosh. Livia just gets me every time.

properly stuffed almond croissant + espresso

Been a while since I was last charmed by good service in Vancouver and during coffee no less. All the front staff provide a lovely experience at 1931 Gallery Bistro (and I’m very particular about the presence of service – invisible yet somehow always available when needed), however, one server in particular went out of his way to ensure I was nothing short of satisfied with my coffees. Something so simple makes everything. On top of service, this is actually one of my favourite terraces in Vancouver, spacious, very beautiful florals, and comfortable for solo or for social. Be sure to reserve ahead on weekends!!! *fyi the pastries are Not on the regular menu*

salt spring island

This place is hidden away from the main strip, nestled between amongst the grocery and hardware stores and the harbour (gorgeous backdrop). To my delight is the choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Even further to my delight, the indoor seating is an open-air, covered and glass/wooden walled platform with a beautiful tree through the middle. This is really up my alley.

Came by for the coffee of course, though they are licensed and have an extensive menu (breaky lunch dinner). Saltspring Island beans, the espresso comes as a double. The decaf had beautiful crema, full bodied, slightly on the acidic side, and quite lively. The gluten free brownie is incredibly fluffy yet feels substantial. Not sure how they achieve this consistency and density – from taste, unlikely this is of the black bean alternative. As a standalone brownie, very well done and definitely stands on its own merit (no dressings needed). Modest restroom, and the service is pleasant. A lowkey natural and romantic joint. I do love watching the little birds hopping in, really reminds me of travel eats.

Ended up staying at Tree House Cafe for dinner, joined by friends.  The side salad options are lovely (more than just a handful from the prewashed boxed babygreens) and the burger was very satisfying! Very reasonably priced for a fair portion.

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