silk hunting
Precious silk woven and dyed by hand with the mặc nưa berry
Post from archived Instagram stories
Backyard of the hammock cafe in An Giang
Black (the most difficult colour to dye) mặc nưa silk
A machine from the last standing factory Tan Chau silk factory
Sài Gòn
Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory – Phòng Hoà Nhac Concert Hall

I was fortunate enough to walk through the HCMC area for arts from my hotel (Little Brick Saigon) to Mach’s Gym. Sadly, the conservatory of music, piano store, and other surrounding venues of music were uninhabited – save a security guard who refused my entry. Likely closed due to preventing the spread of Covid19, along with the other academic closures during that period.

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